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Title: 2023/7/31 2:33:10
Hello. I represent the country’s leading franchise consulting firm, Franchise Creator, responsible for growing over 600 businesses into multi-million-dollar empires, all through franchising. I am personally reaching out to you again because I truly believe you have developed a great concept which we can help you expand through franchising. I’d like to chat with you about our program and our proposed strategy to grow your company nationwide. Please use the following live calendar link to book a call with me: Looking forward to speaking with you.
Title: 2023/4/28 2:46:06
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Title: 2023/4/1 19:11:41
Just lost a loyal customer of 10+ years. Last time was poor.Thought maybe just a rare off night. Spring Rolls had tiny piece of chicken and noodles... nothing else. Both main entrees had raw onions. Cantonese Flat noodles was tasteless and greasy. Spoke with manager, Xicee, who apparently couldn't care less. Said would pass on.
Title: 2022/5/22 21:31:26
Some of the best Mongolian Beef I have ever had. The meat was perfect and the rice and egg rolls were amazing as well. Chinese food is usually decent almost any place you go but there are a few places that stand alone and Wang's is in a class by itself.
Title: 2022/3/8 9:21:41
Title: 2022/12/14 22:11:32
fuck butt chicken
Title: 2022/12/14 22:11:30
fuck butt chicken
Title: 2022/12/14 22:11:29
fuck butt chicken
Title: 2022/12/14 22:11:27
fuck butt chicken
Title: 2022/12/14 22:11:26
fuck butt chicken
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