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Title: 2018/10/10 10:17:00
When ordering from lunch menu for delivery, often don't get the complete order --- routinely forget the egg rolls. Hello?!? People like egg rolls!!! Also, wish they would include soup with the lunch special when delivery is selected. For some reason, they will not deliver the soup unless it is ordered a la carte. Seriously? They said soup delivery with the lunch special was cumbersome. Well, sorry to be so much trouble but if you can deliver soup a la carte, seems as if could deliver with the lunch special, as well The food is average Chinese take-out but the service lacks generosity.
Title: 2017/11/21 22:07:23
Title: 2015-07-08T08:44:17.275-07:00
It took over a hour for them to get our food to us. The dumplings were cold and the food barely had any flavor at all. This was the first time I'd tried Wang's and I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK. Really??? Over an Hour!
Title: 2014-02-16T15:32:39.754-08:00
Don't waste your money. Probably the worst take out chinese food I've ever had. Four Treasures (extra spicy) was a dish of water chestnuts and sticky bland brown goop. Oh, there was 2 pieces of limp yellow broccoli and a couple carrots.
Title: The Best Place to Order-In!2009-11-13T00:00:00
When I moved to the area i spent months scanning for a good Chinese delivery place, and I am rather picky. Wang's has fresh good food with great flavor. So far everything I've had from there is tasty, but i especially love the fried rice. They have great service and a large delivery area. They can't be beat!?
Title: Good food, not bad price2009-11-11T00:00:00
I have worked in highland park for almost 5 years now, for the better part of it I have ordered from Wang's. The food is good, the portions are great and the price is not terrible. All in all for a good decently priced Chinese food (that delivers) I would definitely recommend ordering.?
Title: Best Chinese Food Delivery Serving the M...2009-10-30T00:00:00
In contracts to the reviewer below, I think Wang's is the best chinese food that is available for delivery to the M-Streets. Having lived in Dallas for 10 years, the hardest thing to find is good chinese food delivery. Wang's sets itself apart by serving consistently good food that is quite healthy compared to others and has large servings with ample meats and seafood. While other restaurants in the area may skimp on the good stuff Wang's satisfies even the most healthy appetite. I just ordered it again tonight and am looking forward to it. Another point in favor of Wang's is that I have ordered 10 different dishes and they have all been very good. We are getting ready to move and I hope Wang's delivers there as well.?
Title: Not Recommended2009-08-11T00:00:00
Wang's is conveniently located and occupies a spacious storefront in the Preston Road / Northwest Highway area. I should have been on guard when I entered the restuarant and had the entire place to myself. The dining room is huge, yet ...?
Title: Meh2/8/2015 8:15:21 PM
I got the Crab Puff and it was basically all cream cheese. I opened one and found 0 crab in it. The lo mein was basic mall food and the sesame chicken which I see as a sweet dish had a little spice. Over all for the price I was very displeased but it did deliver so I guess that is a plus.
Title: 2/23/2012 4:31:00 AM
Buddhist Delight: a veggie dish that is wonderful, it doesn't make me miss meat very much at all!Egg Foo Young: this is the first time I tried this dish and it was pretty good, wouldn't mind trying again but I definitely do like the previous item better.
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